I started playing guitar at the age of 14, my first guitar was a nylon string spanish style classical guitar. The first band I joined already had three guitar players, so I decided I would switch to bass guitar. For a while I played the bass, only to switch back to guitar again, but this time it would be an electric guitar.

Jamming with friends, and local garage bands, I played rhythm guitar, until my first bar band which was called Midnight. Since I was the only guitar player of this band, I had to learn to solo.
In the late 90's I quit playing music all together for about seven years, following other interest in life, but only to return to making bands and music again in 2006.

The bands I was part of, in historical order...
Midnight (original, and cover music)... Foreplay (tribute to Boston)... Misty Mountain (tribute to Led Zeppelin)... Equinox (tribute to Styx)... System Shock (original music)... Big Bad Wolf (original music)... Double 'R Nothing (tribute to 80's classic rock)... Live Evil (tribute to Black Sabbath)... Iron Madness (tribute to Iron Maiden)..., and to the present day... Holy Sabbath (tribute to Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ronnie James Dio).

I've always played several styles of guitar... Classical guitar (finger picking)... Acoustic 6 string... 12 string guitar... Bass guitar... and of course the Electric guitar.

Sarkis Guitar Solo - Katacombs club Montreal Quebec

Instrumental written by Sarkis - Tribute to Keith Parkinson(RIP) (Fantasy Artist)