I started playing drums after seeing some friends perform in the Gymnasium of my school at a lunch hour and was hooked. I got a drum set and played until my hands couldn't hold the sticks anymore. I got enough chops to put a garage band together. We realized no one could sing, so i decided I'll do it. Our first gig with me drumming and singing 60 songs hooked me for life.
My first pro touring act "Outcry" got picked up by an agency and toured constantly for 84 weeks - 1980 to 1982. I took a break to create a family, but the arts pulled me back in. In 1983 I shook hands with Ozzy thanks to a contest on CHOM FM, I did'nt understand what he said to me that day but I understood his art. I later played drums in numerous bands, Then the vocal bug bit me and I sang in some blues acts and classic rock acts. Then I discovered the love of portraying one of my favorite artist with the Tribute Band "The Wizards Of OZZ" But now I've found a new passion playing with the awesome musicians I play with now in my new home "HOLY SABBATH"