I started playing Bass at the age of 16, having taken bass guitar lessons at M.I.V., soon after I was asked to join a garage band called STONE CREEK. We did several shows at schools, and at festivals, one year later we decided to change band members and we also changed the bands name to GRAVEYARD. At the time we were too young to be playing in the club circuit, so we continued playing in Schools, Universities, and Festivals.
Not long after this, our singer at the time decided to leave the band, and that's how I met singer Burke Dandurand Mcauley. Ever since Burke joined GRAVEYARD, he and I became good friends, and the band started playing in the club circuit in Quebec for a duration of five years.
We also made a video of one of our original songs called "Virgin Mary".
After members of GRAVEYARD went their separate ways, I formed a band called GENERATION, we released a 2 song demo, of which one of them rated fourth place out of ten in Sweden, and third place out of ten in Germany.
Once that band fell apart, I formed a band called KEMESTRY.
With KEMESTRY we recorded an album that was engineered by producer Pierre Remillard.
In January of 2012 I was invited to play bass for HOLY SABBATH, reuniting once again with my old friend, singer Burke McAuley.

I never set limits to my musical influences. I listen to all kinds of music, whether it's Jazz, Disco, Techno, House, Classical, Pop, or Funk... but my heart is still in Metal music. My bass player heroes and influences are, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, and Steve Harris.